North Highland Church

High School Student Pastor

As the High School Student Pastor, you'll work with the student ministry team to create a space where students experience "REAL" life in Christ.

Columbus, GA

Pastoral Leadership


 General Responsibilities 

  • Midweek Worship Experiences

  • Everyone Nights

  • Connect Groups

  • Fine Arts

  • Missions

  • Outreach Events

  • Budget and Finances

  • Parental Communication

 Applicant Profile 

  • Education

    • Minimum: Graduation of ministry school

    • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

  • Experience                        

    • Minimum: 1-2 years serving as lead student ministries pastor

    • Preferred: 3-5 years serving as lead student ministries pastor

  • Ministerial Credentials 

    • Minimum: In the process of obtaining Ministerial Credentials from the AG

    • Preferred: Ordained with the Assemblies of God

  • Character and Beliefs

    • A good representative of Christ.

    • Lives above reproach.

    • Understands that the Bible holds teachers and preachers to a higher standard than the rest of the Church.

    • Manages family, personal life, finances, and personal devotional life in a well-disciplined manner.

    • Aligned to the belief system of North Highland Church and the Assemblies of God.

  • Strengths and Skills

    • Passion for Students

    • Vision Casting

    • Strategic Planning

    • Communication and Preaching 

    • Team Development and Team Building

    • Balance work and family responsibilities 

    • Healthy Conflict Resolution

 Ideal Applicant Demographic 

  • Age 25-29

  • Healthy marriage

  • Team player

  • Passionate leader

  • Team builder

  • Willingness to learn

 About Our Students 

  • Realife is the Student Ministry of North Highland Church. This ministry exists so that High School and Middle School students have a place where they are:

    • Reached with God's love.

    • Engaged in Christian community.

    • Advancing in their faith.

    • Leading others to Christ.

  • Current Student Ministries Staff                 

    • Dakota Kelley - Middle School Student Pastor (FT)

    • Jordan Morway - College Pastor (FT)

    • Jonah Mills – Realife Worship Pastor  (PT)

    • Clayton Shirley - Realife Communications (PT)

    • Cameron Richardson - Realife Fine Arts Coordinator (PT)

    • [Currently] SJ Kurtz (transitioning to Columbus Leadership Campus) - Realife Admin (PT)

  • Student Attendance/Demographic

    • While there are over 250 students in the student ministry database, a typical Wednesday night worship experience is around 150 students.

    • North Highland Church values diversity and our student ministry is no exception. Realife ministers to every type of student– White, African American, Latino, rich, poor, athletic, artistic, saved, unsaved, public schooled, private-schooled, etc.

  • Current Strengths and Opportunities

    • Strengths: worship, missions-giving, response to altar/prayer, Fine Arts.

    • Opportunities for growth: discipleship, communication, team building.

To apply, email resumes here: